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Commercial perspective door/industry perspective door:This is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with many years of practice and the development of a new generation products.This product is widely used in the automobile 4S shop, the equipment exhibition hall, the fire door, the shopping malls and other occasions. The door body has a combination of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate glass, you can also use acrylic plate, or tempered glass.With a higher transmittance, make the architectural appearance more beautiful. Can provide personalized design: high transmittance is more conducive to the improvement of working environment.
Product feature
★High quality aluminum alloy profile ★High strength anti impact PC plate ★High speed running motor ★Safety anti fall device ★Show elegant taste of building
Industry perspective door
【1】door panel
(1)The structure of the door is composed of the middle window, the bottom door and the top door.The bottom door panel is one or two polyurethane foam board.The middle part is a perspective door panel composed of aluminum alloy frame and carbon ester plate inside.The top can be selected according to the actual need to make a foam board or perspective door.The aluminum frame of the perspective window and the top or bottom door panel can be made of a variety of standard colors.
(2)The door can also be made into the whole perspective door panels.
(3)According to the color of the buildings, aluminum frame can be made of various standard colors.
(4)Frame of the door panel:This is our company's patented aluminum profile, profile specifications can be based on door size and wind resistance to select the appropriate model, size, grade profile.And there are a variety of anti clip hand function profiles
(5)Perspective panel:Using the German raw materials of polycarbonate PC plate, thickness of 3mm and 5mm , can choose according to the width of door and width of window. Excellent anti ultraviolet function, The impact force is 100 times of toughened glass. If uses toughened glass, high transparency, not easy to scratch, easy to clean.Always bright and clean like new.
【2】hardware:The bottom bracket, center hinge, roller, adjusting bracket, etc., are stamped with 2.0mm galvanized sheet.
【3】mode of operation:There are many choices according to the construction.
standard 90°slide up (2)hoist at high altitude (3)Middle beam balance vertical hoist
(4)top torsion vertical hoist
【4】safety device:1. Door bottom airbag protection device(When the door body fell, once encountered obstacles, the door will automatically open back.) 2. infrared function (When the door is falling, a person or an object through the doorway, blocking the infrared, the door will open.)
Industrial door series (vertical lift, sliding, rolling, translation), the product is widely used in all kinds of industrial workshop, workshop, warehouse, computer room, garage and other occasions.
In the use and control, we provide you with a variety of manual and automatic control systems to meet the user's opening and closing requirements for industrial doors.
In the reliability, for the company,all parts of the door are based on the user's need to design and product.Most of the parts are produced by their own ideal door industry, provide with comprehensive quality control and excellent performance.Door is specially designed for industrial doors, composed of the high quality surface process treatment of color steel complex plate, with a variety of colors, to meet the needs of different users. Door panels are produced in the continuous production line, to ensure the balance of quality, and frequently quality inspection of the door is impeccable to the quality of door panel.
In convenience, manually open and close the sliding door is very easy, because 90% of the weight of the door has been balanced by the hammer or spring. These springs are based on each door body by scientific calculation separately prepared. LIRONG industry can develop and produce electric door equipment, motor, cable and single control element.
Technical data:

Photos and presentation of the small door

From a safety point of view, people should be separated from the vehicle. And placed a pedestrian door on the door body. When the construction space is not allowed to build another door, that is safe and convenient.

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