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1、single control channel

2、remote control,drive by wire,hand drive

3、all direction remote,valid distance,password set

4、Light tube display garage door of all kinds of circumstances

5、Automatic lighting, when garage door open, the light goes out automatically after four minutes.

6、can use the wall switch to open or close the door independently

7、WDT monitor system interface

8、Encounter obstacles, automatically stop and reverse in 2 seconds

Garage door composition:

1、Adopt the American advanced technology, concave and convex door connecting seam, design unique domestic first-class anti clip hand door, and has been national patent.

2、The surface of relief sculpture imitating wood grain shows the irregular powder-spraying veins,having the relief sculpture beautiful and generous.

3、The zinc-plating steel plank of specification,sprayed by polyester powder in two sides,become stronger to defend decay.

4、The middle layer is solid polyester powder,making the heat preservation.

5、The reinforcing steel in door makes the door high intensity.

6、Elegant white appearance are harmonious with every color of environment,and makes the garage light bright and soft.

7、There is sealing strip at the bottom of door,which keeps sand rain water away effectively.

Special horizontal stripes and relief design

1、The door surface wooden processing:better vision effect of clean irregular wooden grained on the door surface.Special features of the texture, the maximum to avoid the accumulation of dust, keep your door always bright.

2、Design of the pattern of the square relief:International style, more three-dimensional and modern sense.

3、Selected high quality coating steel plate: the self-clean coating steel plate imported from South Korea.surface coating adopts latest nanotechnology,which is anti static,corruption resistance,radiation protection,provided with self-clean function.Even if it is exposed to the outside and undergo the gas and foam pollution, insolation,color can still be as lustrous as a new one.

Finger protection panel

The door of the garage door, accidentally can easily clip finger,and the patented product that the JY meticulously develops, uses the unique anti clip hand design, increases the security, from the fundamental solve the question that clamp the finger.

Finger protect measure

The patent of finger-protect

Hand-protect measure

The steel sealing structure of side rail can prevent your hands from door plank and rail.

Spring-break protection

This design makes the twisting-spring stop and the door stays.

Steel rope

When the steel cable breaks,this sets will block the rail in order that the door will not drop.As the ‘VL’ designed steel rope,it can be used by other doors.

Sealing belt

The sealing belt on the touch field of side rail and door plank can keep warm,heat insulation and dust proof.

Lintel sealing

When the door completely closed,the sealing belt of lintel accomplishes the ability of heat insulation.

Middle sealing belt

The middle sealing belt keep the door tight closed.

Bottom sealing belt

Main arm is made of aluminum.the bottom belt is made of EPDM material,which is not easy to have a certain elasticity and will not freeze hard, can make up the ground of the uneven defects, to prevent air circulation.

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