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Shutter window is a beautiful protective device.Completely closed rolling shutter can prevent glass from damaged by bricks and ball.To some extent,stop the thief invasion.

Insulation performance

It can save energy for refrigeration and heating.

Windows are the main channels of lighting in the room , which saves the energy needed for the light, also the channel of the human eye contact with nature.But at the same time, it also brings a lot of trouble, for example, in winter, especially in the north area, it will send indoor precious heat to outdoor.In summer will absorb redundant heat to the interior, and people need a large amount of electrical energy (air conditioning) to balance the indoor temperature.In order to obtain the ideal heat preservation effect, the rolling window need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Tightness of window closure;

2. Tightness of contact between slat and cover box;

3. Tightness of track;

4. Tightness of contact between track and wall;

5. Tightness of contact between bracket and sill;

6. 6、Heat insulation performance of cover box

Sound insulation

Usually people would like to have a quiet room, especially close to the streets and road.The sound insulation effect of window can be greatly improved by using the shutter window which is completely closed and installed out of the window.Through the research,the bigger the separation distance between the window and shutter,the better the noise reduction effect.Closed rolling window itself can reduce the noise of 18dB. If combined with the insulation glass window (4/12/4mm), the 37dB can obtain the comprehensive sound insulation effect.In order to obtain the ideal noise effect, note the following points:

1. Tightness of window closure;

2. Tightness of track;

3. Tightness of contact between bracket and sill;

4. The cover box has enough adequate insulation performance to avoid the sound bridge.


Contrary to the winter,people need the sunshine through the window to warm the room,in summer,the sun is most people don’t want to get.At this time only a small part of the light was reflected by the window glass, the vast majority of sunshine through the window shot into the room,so people ask for sunshade.

Although there are a variety of shading methods, the shutter installed outside the window is one of the most ideal solution.Because the rolling shutter can reflect the most of sunshine,second,the shutter can also adjust the lighting enter the room,third,it basically does not occupy space.By lowering the heat in the house, people can save energy for air conditioning.If you choose a light color roller shutter, will be better able to improve the reflection of the sun's effect.

Weather resistance

The shutter window has the ability of the wind, rain and snow resistance.A protective barrier is added to the doors and windows of the building.

Prevention of thief (security)

To some extent,the shutter can stop the thief invasion.Taking certain measures will greatly improve the anti-theft performance of the shutter window.For example:

1. Adopting intensive shutter material,such as the double layer polyurethane material or double aluminum alloy profile with super hard polyurethane.

2. The depth of the guide rail is enhanced by the strengthen of the rail.

3. Roller shutters in the fully closed state, each slat must be well confined to, can not have leakage phenomenon; in incompletely closed state has to show holes between the leaves, can be very good translucent.

4. When using the belt to drive, make sure that the direction of plate and strap are in the same level. The drawstring pointed is not allowed in the guide device. The drawstring is flat to fabric, edge strengthen, bandwidth is not too small.The sharp point is not allowed in the belt guiding device.Strap should be flat fabric, edge enhanced, bandwidth can not be too small.

5. The manual driving device without crank device, the tension force can not exceed a certain limit.

6. All the components including the joints must be able to strong and durable, in a certain wind or other external force can stand a certain twist.

Occlusion of sight

Closed shutter window can replace the curtain for keeping out the eyesight from the outdoor.

In addition, as a substitute for alternative to anti-theft iron fence ideal product, it has the following advantages:

(1) Completely changed the disadvantage of the iron fence to isolate man and nature.

(2) While make the room be quiet,also retained the passage with the outside world.Avoid the problem of iron fence in emergency, such as fire,blocked escape and rescue channel.

(3) Shutter window not like iron bars can be made for any climb device,it also changed the embarrassing situation that the whole building was closed by iron fence.

(4) It will greatly change the facade effect of buildings,makes the city beautiful.

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