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Configuration list
JieYang fast door configuration instructions in detail:
1、configuration: The original Japanese YASKAWA inverter, KEW PLC in South Korea Japan Mitsubishi PLC, the original DECH encoder, the original South Korea AUTONICS photoelectricity switch, Italian SEJ high-speed motor / domestic SNMA high-speed motor, France SION industrial cloth thickness of 0.8 mm, Chinese and Japanese joint venture transparent curtain thickness of 1.5mm, high density brush, hardware accessories,etc..
2、color:any (blue,yellow,red,white and grey,etc.)
3、promotion speed:0.6-1.5m/s adjustable speed
4、door curtain:Standard components, the thickness of 0.8 mm by PVC coated polyester mesh belt and streamline the glass fiber reinforced polyester wheel plate, the PVC surface finish treatment, acid and alkali resistance, oil, water and chemical resistance stability.
Technical parameters(longitude/latitude):5700/5100N/5cm,tear attack strength(longitude/latitude):900/800N Using the latest large high frequency welding technology, automatic joining together a molding, neat seams, no wrinkles, no knife marks, never glue failure.
5、Power system:IP55 brake motor, 0.75KW/1.5KW, high reflection time delay automatic and manual circulation system, temperature sensitive relay protection of motor motor using the latest generation of reduction gear of high efficiency, low noise)
6、Control cabinet:Fuse controlled shutdown switch or three-phase power protection; insurance (wire) to control the operation of the circuit protection, imported components IP55; compatible with all conventional types of protection device can use the button control.
7、on-off mode:control cabinet(basic),automatic close door(automatic)
8、door frame and cover box:1.8~2.5mm high quality BAOGANG manufacture
9、safety performance:The original South Korea AUTONICS photoelectricity switch (standard) or for the Swiss airbags (optional),.When the door body is running down, once the object is tested, the door will reverse upwards.

10、sealing performance:The bottom end is provided with increased imports of PVC cord.Can be closely integrated with various uneven ground, outsourcing is rubber curtain gas curtain.
11、track:3.5mm industry aluminum alloy track.Both sides with dense brush and curtain close installment, increase the sealing and constant temperature effect.
12、limit switch:High speed encoder, accurate positioning, once in place, simple settings, the switch error of hundreds of thousands of times not more than 3mm.
13、control cabinet:The use of the Japanese original frequency converter and imported PLC, the use of the latest international inverter technology, the motor soft start, slow stop, prolong the motor service life.Control box with a key recovery, easy to quickly handle the user fault. Panel with touch button design, push button life reached more than 50 thousand times, exempt from ordinary button damage caused by all kinds of faults, with manual / automatic, rise, decline, stop button, and visual appearance is beautiful, the operation is simple and convenient.
14、panel display:Fast door running data at a glance, can be set to all kinds of fast door parameters (door limit, automatic closing time, deceleration distance, etc.)
15、on-off mode:Geomagnetic, radar, pull rope switch, photoelectric switch, control button, remote control, interlocking linkage, hand rocker, external switch box.
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